Starter Kit – Wabi-Sabi Matcha


Starter Kit

Wabi-Sabi Matcha

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All starter kits include:

  • One large ceramic bowl
  • One measuring spoon (2g)
  • One matcha whisk & stand

Restore your mind and body

Mood Boosting Power

Decrease Stress

Energy That Last

Sustainable Concentration and Focus

What you should know about matcha...

Step 1: Add 2g of matcha in your matcha bowl
Step 2: Add 60 mL of hot water (60°C-80°C)
Step 3: Stir in « Z » motion with your matcha whisk until bubbles form on top
Step 4: Add into 250 mL of your favorite hot or cold drink

  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • High in antioxidants. Matcha is rich in catechins, a class of plant compounds in tea that act as natural antioxidants. ...
  • May help protect the liver. ...
  • Boosts brain function. ...
  • May help prevent cancer. ...
  • May promote heart health. ...
  • Helps you lose weight. ...
  • Matcha tea is very easy to prepare.

To be safe, make sure to consume matcha in moderation. It's best to stick to 1–2 cups per day and look for certified organic varieties to take advantage of matcha's many health benefits without risking any side effects. There are many ways to prepare matcha, so you can choose the one you like best.

Both coffee and matcha have health promoting properties when consumed in moderation, supporting energy levels and cognitive function, through their caffeine and antioxidant content. However, if you're looking to reap health benefits with fewer caffeine jitters and less acidity, matcha is the way to go.

Look for matcha that has a rich, deep green color. Typically, the deeper the shade of green is, the higher the quality of matcha. Ceremonial grade matcha is known for its vivid green color, while culinary matcha, reserved for cooking and baking applications, has a pale green color.